Tuesday, May 25, 2010

City by the Bay~ Travelin' Tuesday

A short post tonight as I just returned from a
long weekend in San Francisco~ my favorite
City by the Bay.

To me, San Francisco is a portal~
both to the past and to the future
as well as a most joyous present moment when I am here.

The Past~ Because so many aspects, neighborhoods, sights, smells and sounds
remind me of my years here coming of age.

The Future~ because as some of you know,
my dream is to once again live in the Bay Area,
preferably this time just across the Golden Gate Bridge,
somewhere that I can be
driving Mt. Tam,
seated at any restaurant
or perusing any art exhibit in the city
within the hour.

As part of my creative visualization toward this goal,
some years ago I spotted a photo in a magazine that I knew
was the kitchen of my future home.
Around that kitchen, I designed an entire writer's house
and set it on the side of a Marin hillside with a view of the bay.

For me, a visit to San Francisco is like
going on vacation and coming home all at the same time.
I get to relive my years as a teenager here
and look forward to the home I'm creating.
What's in your dream?

(All photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Kirsten dearest, I AM GOING TO S. F. ON JUNE 19!!!!!! I can't wait! Then, off to L.A. to visit more family and friends. Your pictures are luring me there NOW, but of course, I have 12 more days of school left. I can see that you enjoyed yourself to the fullest, and may all your dreams come true!!!!

    BISOUS, Anita

  2. Thanks Anita~ We had a great time and someday, with your wishes and mine, those dreams will come true! Have a great trip yourself! And right back atcha!

  3. I got to walk Mt. Tam last summer. I know exactly what you mean.

  4. Hi Relyn~ I spent alot of time up there as a teenager on Sundays with the family. I go every chance I get! Thanks for coming by!


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