Monday, June 7, 2010

Laduree Birthday Lunch~Missing Paris Day

After receiving more than one request for Laduree photos while in Paris,
on the day that turned out to be my Birthday Lunch (a few months early),
I armed my purse with an index card scribbled with all the addresses of
every Laduree shop in Paris so after lunch I could make my way to
the nearest one and snap a few window shots.

"The Chef" and I walked across the Champ de Mars
to the end of Rue St. Dominique, across the Seine and up
George V to my sister's new office just around
the corner from the Champs Elysees.
(Could she get any luckier??!)

When we arrived, we greeted the typically French way
(she's been there almost 20 years now)
smooching cheeks all 'round.

She asked what we wanted for lunch,
we told her it was her call,
we trusted her,
and then she asked:

"Have you guys ever eaten at Laduree??!"

My jaw dropped and then I burst out laughing!
I showed her the index card and my after-lunch plan.
And then we followed her to the Laduree shop around the corner
on the Champs Elysees!

We poked around the windows...

And checked out the menu...

...then headed inside.

And my Laduree Birthday Lunch began...

We took the price-fixed menu, and while we each ordered our own entree and plat,we shared all around.

Starting with the...

Eclaire mangue verte, crevette et abricot moelleux
(Mango, shrimp and soft apricot eclair)

The fabulous...

Saint Jacques cru au Limoncello et figue de barbarie
(Limoncello and prickly pear scallops)

And the truly outstanding...

Souffle a la truffe noire et au celeri
(Black truffle and celery souffle)

Followed by...

Espadon a la reglisse et baton de canne a sucre, tomate rotie entiere et courgette jaune grillee
(Swordfish with a touch of liquorice and sugar cane sticks,
served with a roasted tomato and grilled yellow zucchini)

And the...

Dorade rose 'pageot' au kumquat et confit d'aubergines
(Pink Sea Bream pageot with confit of eggplant)

Finished with the wildly popular...

Buchette Chocolat Caramel~
Buchette chocolat noix de pecan, fines feuilles de chocolat noir,

caramel mou parfume a la fleur de sel, biscuit moelleux au chocolat noir et mousse sabayon chocolat caramel. (Pecan nut and chocolate biscuit, thin dark chocolate leaves, soft salted caramel, dark chocolate soft biscuit and caramel and chocolate zabaglione)(!!!)

The absolutely dreamy...

Millefeuille Praline~Pate feuilletee caramelisee, creme pralinee, praline d'amandes et noisettes croustillantes. (Carmelized puff pastry, praline cream, almond pralines and crispy hazelnuts).

And the adorable and sweet...


Biscuit macaron moelleux a la rose, creme aux petales de rose, framboises fraiches et litchis.(Smooth rose flavoured macaroon biscuit, rose petal cream, fresh raspberries and lychees).

I even ended with a little French coffee which I almost never do.

I felt like Marie Antoinette for a day! The setting is spectacular, the food fabulous and the company perfect, a magnificent birthday lunch with my two favorite people.

We were so involved with lunch,
we forgot to get macaroons to take with us.
Ah well, another reason to return
and try some of the other stores.
Don't miss Laduree on the Champs Elysees!

Open Daily 7:30am-12:30 am
Metro: George V
75, Av. des Champs-Elysees
8th Arrondissement

For more information on the history of Laduree,
further photos and anecdotes about it's beginnings, go to:


  1. OMG. OMG. I don't think I have neither the English or the French words to say what I think right now, other than this is Culinary Heaven on earth. KIRSTEN!!!!!! YOU ROCK! If there is anyone that can bring Paris home, it is you, Chèrie!!!!!

    BRAVO! BIS!!!!! ENCORE!!!!

    Have a lovely Paris dreamin' day! Anita

  2. Kirsten dearest! Thank you for coming for a bit of bleu heaven!!! I am working on a post at this moment; you are so welcome to come back in a few hours! Have a lovely evening...Anita

  3. Okay, I'm hopping on a plane tomorrow. This was the first Laduree location I visited...and my first macaron ever. Had I known the lunch was this fabulous I would have stayed all afternoon!
    Lovely post, as always, Kristen.

  4. Oh, lucky you. And happy, happy birthday! Happy, happy birthday.


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