Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What I Love about San Francisco~ Travelin' Tuesday

Welcome to one of my favorite cities in the world!
Not only is it one of the most magnificently diverse and beautiful cities ever
but for several years growing up, it was my hometown.
So here is, what I hope will be one of many posts on,
what I love about San Francisco!

*I love:

~The Tourist Energy
(Now I know many San Franciscans do not love tourists.
In fact, some complain bitterly about them.
But to me, their energy is part of what makes it the city what it is.
Their happiness and joy in simply being there is obvious, clear and contagious.
There is something beautiful about seeing people so in love with a city
that their hearts and their smiles cannot be contained!)

*I love:

~The Golden Gate Bridge...

~Walking the streets of the city...
~The smell of the restaurants churning out grill fumes...
~That despite having maybe only a few squares of dirt outside their front doors,
San Francisco residents will plant endless jasmine and hibiscus
in their miniscule yards...
~And even as a past resident of the city,
I still love the tourist spots

Fisherman's Wharf.

...and Joe's Crab Shack...

~Golden Gate Park and the Conservatory of Flowers...

~The Palace of Fine Arts...
~And the Palace of the Legion of Honor
(a mecca for professional--and us amateur-- photographers alike!)

*I love:

~Street Fairs where whole blocks are closed off for artists...
~the street art...

~The many parks of the city but most especially
Mountain Lake Park
where I spent much time during my teenage years...
(the same lake where, a few years ago,
a baby crocodile was discovered. Don't look at me!)

*I love...

~Open Studio Weekends
where different neighborhood artists open their studios
to the public to view and buy their artwork...
~Mt. Tamalpais in the sunshine...
~Writing at the little Italian cafe on Union Square
~ Sacrepantina cake at Stella's Bakery
and the Raspberry Twists at Mara's in Northbeach ...
*I love:
~The clanging bell of the cable car...
and the smiles on the passenger's faces.
~And I love, more than anything,
looking forward to returning soon!


  1. AND....I am going there on June 19!!! I AM SO EXCITED...I will only pass 3 days there with a beloved family member, then I am off to L.A. to see other family and 2 maybe 3 blogger pals!!!! Fab photos dearest...how are ya'?


  2. Last summer I completely fell in love with the city. How incredible it is, beautiful, and friendly, and packed with visual stimulation. I LOVE it. Am so excited that I'll probably be heading back there this summer. YAY!

  3. Anita~ I'm wonderful, thank you! And you have a most fantastic trip to SF. Do post some pictures. We bloggers live vicariously through each other. Can't wait to see YOUR San Francisco!

    Relyn~ So glad you may be returning as well! And I always love your photos so please post yours too. It's magic to experience one of my favorite cities through other's vision of it. Hope you're well!


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