Monday, July 26, 2010

Wish We Were There~ 'Missing Paris Day'

I am deep into my Family History these days,
poking and exploring the lives and dates
of the people who make up my ancestry.

But that doesn't keep me from missing Paris!
Just about daily I am, through one sense or another,
transported to Paris in my mind...

...ducking into one of the many cathedrals,
sipping tea or a lovely, bubbly, pink Kir Royal,
or simply walking the streets watching the other lovers of Paris!

I imagine you, being one of them, are right around the corner
staring at the bookseller's many posters~
awaiting my arrival.

We hug, walk to a favorite cafe on the corner
and gratefully let Paris steal the afternoon.

So nice to see you!
Let's do this again soon!


  1. Kirsten dear,

    I miss Paris always! And Sarlat, Tours, PRovence, etc.....! With an addition to our home this summer, I don't think we will get out to Paris for a while, but I will again someday!

    How is the geneology going??? Anita

  2. Let's do just that. And then, please, won't you take me to Laudree? That I want to see for myself.


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