Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Ready~ Missing Paris Day

Ok, I'm ready...

**I'm ready for a piece of Poilane's fabulous Gateau Basque,
**I'm ready for a Kir at a corner table of an outdoor cafe (anywhere) in Paris,
**For a walk along the Seine in the heat,

**I'm ready for the smell of the morning's roasted chicken
from the boucherie below,
**For the sparkle of the Eiffel Tower in the evenings,
**For Bar le Duc in the summer,
**I'm ready for a big slice of Foie Gras
with a small glass of Sauternes,
**For the Paris Plage,
**For a Mirabelle plum tart,
**The aroma of the fromageries,
**Berthillion ice cream while standing on the bridge listening to street artists.

What's your favorite thing about Paris?!

(All photography copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. OMG....this is a treasure of a place, and Kirsten, you have a great thing going on here! Hmmmmm.......I have to say that LADURÉE is high up on the list for me and Le Nôtre bakery....oh dear, there is so much! Also, la Rue St. Honoré with all its fashion houses has to be my favorite place, not for the haute couture, but for a funny memory I have of that place with my husband. When we attempted to walk into a shop, this funny wire haired fox terrier was at the door and refused to let us in. He growled and stared us down and turned husband made a remark about his "manhood" and I named the dog, BALZAC....a play on the sound of the name.....since then, that sort of dog is named BALZAC, and we laugh at the MOXIE of this beast. We went back the next day to get a photo of him and he gave us he........

    Paris is full of many fond, funny memories and NOW, I need to go to this looks DÉLICIEUX!


  2. I'm ready, too! It would be impossible for me to pick one favorite thing about Paris. I love it all. (Okay, maybe food - coffee, pastries, cafes etc. etc. See...can't stop at one thing.)
    Thanks for your comment, meant alot to me.
    Catherine xx

  3. ohhhhhhh, montmarte, the louvre, street artists near the bridge, picnics behind notre dame cathedral, extraordinarily large cafe au laits + freshly baked croissants for breakfast.

    we must return!

  4. You make me miss Paris even fave thing is all of the beauty....everywhere! Have agreat day, Kirsten! xx

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment, so that I could find your wonderful blog-
    I shall return!


  6. Is that bread?? Is it???

    OH MY!

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