Monday, August 30, 2010

Missing Lady Diana on 'Missing Paris Day'

On the eve before the anniversary of Lady Diana's death:
Thinking of you still thirteen years later!
Britain's beautiful rose~


  1. Kirsten dearest! I remember this day; we had just moved into this house. Diana was such a fairytale princess....this is a lovely tribute. Have a lovely week....Anita

  2. You know, I think of how much impact she had in her too short life. One (slightly silly) example is my wedding and that of all my friends. You can tell we were all 12 or 13 when she married. Just look at our dresses.

  3. You know, that night is such a vivid memory for husband and I had just met, we stayed up all night traumatized watching the news with a friend who is no longer here... I was in London when she married Prince Charles,and her lover that she died with was someone that I knew in Malibu...just too many tragic memories...sigh.
    I feel terrible for her sons.
    On a brighter note, thanks for stopping by...aren't Her Majesty's Pugs goodies adorably chic?
    Hope your week is going well,

  4. I still miss her....that was a sad day! Happy Labor Day, Kirsten. xx


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