Monday, August 2, 2010

Notre Dame Random Writing Prompt~ Missing Paris Day

Last week, on the blog, we were back at Notre Dame

so I thought we'd start there again today.

One of my favorite parts of the cathedral

are the doors on the front ~ which I learned

on our recent tour are meant to be reminders of the

beauty of the Garden of Eden.

While my favorites are the doors,

"The Chef's" favorites are the stories told

around the doors and in the arches.

I've never actually written in Notre Dame

though on our last visit earlier this year,

I spent one day trying to write in as many places as I could possibly fit in:

I wrote in 2 cafes, 3 churches and 1 bookstore (Shakespeare and Co),

all in a single day.

I wouldn't say I got alot accomplished with

all that moving around but it made it quite interesting.

Random Writing Prompt:

Picture yourself sitting in Notre Dame right now,

notebook and pen in hand.

Inside the cathedral, time seems to stand still.

In your mind now, the date is 2050.

Write about what is going on outside Notre Dame in 2050

~or go the other way if you find it more interesting.

Write about what's happening outside the cathedral

in 1050.

Happy Traveling!

(All photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Oh Kirsten, what a fun writing is 1050 and the cathedral is almost finished; the bleating of sheep echos in its grand halls with people bustling towards the alter, forgetting all manners of brotherly love in a rush for each man for himself. The statues of Mary and Jesus stand still and paralyzed with grief upon seeing the masses crowd in to snatch a bit of heaven. Heaven weeps and so does Notre Dame, an edifice that will weep tears through the ages and will give the appearance of patina in the year 2050. Tourists wonder what has caused such a beautiful glow of age....the tears of heaven. Anita

  2. Oh Kirsten, THANK YOU for visiting me! Those two little blue budgies were waiting just for you! And how I love writing prompts...I was just thinking how some people are soooooo talented when it comes to having a vision for photography, a skill that I lack so....but like anything else, and especially like writing, one has to SEE the possibilities especially with a prompt. For me, I can take off with just one word, a photo, a sudden rush of a thought. I hope you are enjoying your summer and that traveling has been a great part of your agenda. Do come back again, and please, MORE WRITING PROMPTS!!! Anita

  3. Oh, I love the crazy angle on that first photo. Just wonderful!


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