Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Arahova at Delphi~ Travelin' Tuesday

Today's photo was taken in a small, mountain village (Arahova) near Delphi, my favorite Greek archaeological site which can be seen here. Greece is sprinkled with these gorgeous old fountains sometimes well-kept, like this one, and sometimes they are remnants of the Turk's stay in Greece and ignored, abandoned and defaced.

Random Writing Prompt:

Create a story around the owner of the mop you see leaning inside the fountain. Is the owner male or female? Young or elderly? Cleaning the fountain? Their own home? Or working for someone else? Or... does it have certain traveling powers?

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  1. "NIKOLAS....NIKO....oh no; he was just here", said the old woman whose weather-beaten brow, crispy and brown from the hot mediteranean sun sagged in despair. Thirty years had passed since he passed into eternity, leaving his mop exactly where he left it when they spoke short but profound words of love. His sudden death was never recorded in her heart, she was not able to believe he had come so quickly and left in the same manner. She picks herself up from the chair to carry on her duties in the lounge of the ACROPOLIS Hotel....


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