Monday, October 4, 2010

Square Rapp~ Missing Paris Day

Just across the Champ de Mars from the 15th arrondissement and into the 7th, past the Champ de Mars cafe, Rue St. Dominique and the little chocolaterie, with all the glittering, colorful candies dressed up in floral arrangements, sits Avenue Rapp (which hosts my favorite architecturally-designed apartment building in Paris~ to be posted at a later date).

And just around the corner from it is Square Rapp, a short, dead-end street with a bare courtyard surrounded by stunning buildings and intricate lattice work. The neglected courtyard itself makes me want to haul over a belt heavy with gardening tools, a carload of flowering geraniums in decorative pots, a cushioned loveseat and a book on Paris.

I'd whip it into shape, curl up on my lovin' Paris loveseat on a balmy summer afternoon and attempt to read.

Biggest problem?
Which direction to face the loveseat
and could one actually read here?!


  1. OMG Kirsten, this post is absolutely stunning. The music, the sentiments, the photos, the view of the most beautiful city in my world......There is so much to Paris that I did not see; my husband and I had the most wonderful time there and yet didn't see this stunning landmark that you so lovingly share. How are you dearest? Life is busy with an insane schedule at work, and I thank you for coming by my part of the world. Do write some poetry, please! ENjoy your evening and blessings to you, Anita

  2. Kirsten this is just amazing. One could spend hours and hours .........

    Art by Karena

  3. Oui! Oui! Oui! I love it and am there right now, merci ~

  4. What a great corner of Paris you have found here. Love the wonderful perspective of the wall design. Carla

  5. To read, to garden, perchance to own? Ah, the city of my dreams. Love your photography, Kirsten. You are an artist. Or should I say "arteest."


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