Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Delightful Finds~Marie Antoinette Soiree

Recently, the lovely Nathalie from Dolce Dreams revealed one of those great finds that I just had to share. It's from Paper Scissors Cake and I've fallen in love with these cupcake toppers.
This first photo is of the Marie Antoinette Soiree.

~Je t'aime, I Love You~

This Etsy shop, created by two sisters, designs printable toppers and wrappers for cupcakes
and DIY decorations.

~Flower Garden Fairies~

I love that you don't have to go out to buy these (except for the paper)
but can print them right up and...voila! Beauteous cupcakes!
Check out their Etsy shop!

The next find is from Lynn at Paris Hotel Boutique
and the series is called "Crinoline Flowers'
by fashion photographer Daryl Banks.

I love the colors, the sexiness, the creativity.

Makes me wonder how exactly he did these!
 Daryl Banks Photography can be found here.

Enjoy the rest of your week~
You're almost there.


  1. OHHHH! Now I just love all this FROU FROU and Marie Antoinette goodies! Oh dear, the beauty and creativity floating around makes me GIDDY!!!

    Thank you dearest for your kind words....have a lovely day, Anita

  2. This post is like a big bonbon! So very French. Thanks for a happy, colorful start to the weekend. I'm off to the bakery!

  3. Love these! And I don't even eat cupcakes, but might consider making them just to use these toppings.
    But I have to say, I love Daryl Banks work. I've seen some of his big pieces and they're amazing. Thanks for posting.

  4. Oh you are so sweet! Thanks for the mention...I just got the Valentines Alice in Wonderland Key to my Heart ones ~ I love them all :) And wow these photos are so fantastic, exploding with colour I adore them!
    Have a great weekend and eat a cupcake (it's good for you !)

  5. Love those cupcake wrappers/toppers, Kirsten. Very creative! xx

  6. How funny! I was scrolling down and it took me a second to figure why these images were "off" and what exactly made them so cool.


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