Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's Day 1/1/11! Let's OWN this Decade NOW !


One of my New Year's Resolutions: To be the moment. And it starts right.. NOW!

A blogging friend posted this sometime this past year and I knew someday I would have to add it to my collection of favorite posts. Today, this 1st day of the 1st year of this new decade, I thought it would be appropriate to share this kind of feeling. It makes me well up with joy every time I watch it. What a great way (along with all of the other spectacular ways) to start off this year, this decade, the 1st day of the rest of our lives! And to celebrate Oprah's new OWN! What a decade this shall be!

(P.S. Click the Pause button on the music playlist at the bottom of the page. I promise you'll enjoy this much more. And have a good, good day and a magnificent year!)


  1. Dearest Kirsten, HAPPINESS is the buzz word and is something that we make....what a joy to seek and to find...and to then engage ourselves in the endeavor of spreading it all around.

    THANK YOU FOR A YEAR OF TOURING the world that you love, and that I adore as well. Many happy moments to you dear one! Anita

  2. Happy New Year, Kirsten! All the best to you and your family in 2011! xo

  3. Dear Kirsten thanks for the wonderful video what a great combination of music.. Wishing you a 2011.. Carla x

  4. Just great! All of the best to you in 2011 Kirsten! Yes it all starts NOW...let it all be good!

  5. Super post, Kirsten! Made me want to move. Yes, to good, good day and decade! We rock.


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