Friday, January 21, 2011


Locally, one of my favorite places to write is a newer cafe in an old house
 that is so beloved, it's frequently difficult to find a table...

On-street parking is hard to come by
(and its 2 hour parking limits writing time)...

Tea prices are nearly double some of our other local cafes...

But something about its sweetness and charm,
with hardwood floors and mismatched furniture,
makes the downfalls worth it.
(It could also have something to do with serving Stumptown Coffee from Portland
by baristas specially trained in the art of espresso.)

Often filled with students from the University
and real estate agents from a closeby firm...

it's a good mix of higher learning and Go-Get-'Em energy
as well as a great place for a light breakfast or lunch.
I find myself a coveted vacant spot, unleash my computer or notebook,
sip my chai and set about trying to focus on my w.i.p.'s most pressing questions.

On my birthday last year,
I cheated and simply brought a good book, curling up for some decadent, quiet reading time.

While I have a different regular cafe for writing in (with a few less difficulties),
I do on occasion indulge myself here just for a lovely change of pace!

Vero means Truth in Italian.
True, real, genuine.
Maybe that's what I love about it.

(All photographs copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. I'm happy to see that you have a cozy place awaiting you. Rarer and rarer these places are. So hard to compete with the 'S' store (which makes lousy, burnt-tasting coffee in my opinion). I'll think of you in this sunny spot. Bon weekend to you, Kirsten. Et merci, aussi.


  2. Good morning dear Ilove places like this. In fact, do you know that my home is a sort of a retreat like this? The style is different, but the atmosphere and spirit is all I love this getaway of yours!! Anita

  3. This looks so inspirational and inspiring! Well worth the extra dime :) I love your new header by the way ~ Ah Venezia, who stole my heart...
    Have a great weekend, and thanks for all of your lovely comments!

  4. Looks like the perfect spot for creativity, Kirsten! xx


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