Monday, February 7, 2011

Pont Grenelle~ Missing Paris Day

Today we're walking across the Seine,
from the 15th arrondissement to the 16th,
an area that was once rolling hill estates leading down to the water,
now mostly upscale apartments, shops and restaurants.

Over their heads rumbles the above-ground metro
(the 6 line if you'd care to hop on at Passy just across the Seine)...

And if you've seen the film "Inception",
you'll recognize Pont Grenelle as the one Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Page walked across
then watched/dreamed as it turned upon itself.
(A film with an extremely interesting idea
but 10 years might have been just a tad too long to work on this script!)

Down below, rocking with the Seine and nudging the cobblestone walkway,
are sleepy houseboats which in summer
sport deck chairs and tables for wining and dining
in view of La Tour Eiffel. 

Frequently we cross over into the 16th
to visit our favorite little Italian deli/shop
for these tangy, stuffed, roasted red peppers. 

Today I am home sick in bed 
(first time in a verrrry long time)
and what I wouldn't give to be walking the neighborhood
and snacking on just one of the many finds 
along this walk.

Happy week to you!

And Bon Anniversaire to Laura Ingalls Wilder
born on this day in Pepin, Wisconsin in 1867. 
Some of my favorite books when I was a kid. 


  1. Sorry you're sick especially because I thought you really were in Paris. I'll be there for 10 days in March and just pray the weather will be good.

  2. I AM SO LATE! I got up late this morning and missed all of YOU DEAR FRIENDS..I blog in the mornings, but here I am catching up. Are you feeling better dear heart? THOUGHTS OF PARIS should do the trick! Yummmm...those baguettes and cheese, glory days my tenure in Paris!!!! CIAO BELLA, Anita

  3. So sorry to hear your are ill, Dear One! Here's hoping you are feeling better with each breath. Keeping you close in my heart and thoughts....

  4. Precious Kirten,

    Thank YOU for coming by, even when not feeling up to your best. I hope that bug makes its way out!!!! And may LE PRINTEMPS INVINCIBLE live in your heart and mind forever!!!! Ahhh...that picture of LA TOUR EIFFEL in my it off of tumblr via JUST BE SPLENDID...lovely, n'est-ce pas? Anita

  5. Some of my favorite books even now. Laura's I mean. I read at least one of hers to my second graders each year. They never loose their magic. The home Laura and Almanzo lived in when she wrote her books is only about an hour away in Mansfield, Missouri. It has a lovely museum. The first time I saw Little House in the Big Woods written in long hand on a Big Chief tablet, I stood there and cried.

  6. I hope you're feeling better, Kirsten. (Just saw this post!)


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