Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tough Winter

While the weather has been fairly mild here,
the climate has been more than a little sad this winter. 

Last month, I lost one of my elderly clients, 
a man I had seen, in his home weekly,
for the last year. 

While I knew Karl was not well,
I wasn't aware he was slowly leaving. 

In the last few weeks, 
a family member has undergone, not just chemo
but also the process of a bone marrow/stem cell transplant for blood cancer. 

And now, two young, beautiful souls,
a friend's 17 year old boy
and friend's of friends 18 year old son,
were whisked out to sea in an instant and drowned
while their friends tried to help them 
and could do nothing but helplessly watch it happen. 
Our community, and our teenagers, are reeling. 

One of the boy's uncles said to the throngs of high school students at his memorial service,
"Children are a parent's message to the future.
What I want you to do, right now today,
 is absorb as much of this as you possibly can
from what you hear today.
Figure out, really focus on, what that message to the future was in him
 and carry that message forward." 

Of the many beautiful, touching, heart-wrenching things I heard that day,
this was one of the most powerful.

Please say a prayer for these families
struggling with an incomprehensible loss. 
And for our family member
working to build back healthy cells after chemical destruction. 

And me, besides these prayers,
 I'm also praying for spring
and the promise of life 
to bring hope and beauty to winter's sadness.


  1. Dear Kirsten,
    Such sad, sad news. It is so difficult for young people to make sense out of these tragedies - or for any of us. Life is so short. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that spring will bring brighter days for you and your friends.
    Much love,

  2. Good morning dearest Kirsten....I was unable to come yesterday for I had to DASH OFF to work super early; I am so sorry to hear of these losses....on both extremes of the age is NEVER easy to take in the reality of passing. My heart is with you dearest, Anita

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your losses and sadnesses...It is hard to be positive and strong when winter is dull and grey. As Spring bursts forth with the sun and color, I hope that it will help to ease your ( and the poor parents of those boys) hearts.


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