Monday, October 31, 2011

Seven Billionth person born on Halloween

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Adam Vaughan at The asked readers what they would say to the 7 billionth person born to our world today. What would you say?

According to Vaughan, when the 6 billionth, Adnan Nevic, was born to Sarajevo in October 1999, Salmon Rushdie advised:

"The ancient wisdoms are modern nonsenses. Live in your own time, use what we know, and as you grow up, perhaps the human race will finally grow up with you, and put aside childish things." 

Nevic himself said recently, "I wish that the birth of the seven billionth child brings peace to the planet."

In the comment section, some said, 'learn to laugh...learn to learn...and enjoy what you have learned'. Some offered sympathy. Some advised 'smile often'.  One reader suggested a must read: 'Allegory of the Cave' from Plato as being all you need to know. (You can bet I'll be looking that one up.)

One quoted Eleanor Roosevelt: 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams'. One reader offered insights into which countries might be best born into and advised: 'Perchance you be born in the "Land of the Free", there is still a simple solution for you and your family: pack your bags and emigrate to Denmark.'

One quoted Kurt Vonnegut: 'We are here to help each other through this thing, whatever it is.' One reader waxed Spock-like, 'Live long and prosper'. NostrodamusNOT said: 'You got the wrong planet...Get yourself an agent and a free transfer to another solar system'.

One suggested, 'Train yourself to have a long attention span' and quoted Mahatma Gandhi: 'Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed'.

And another ended with, 'Just be true, in any sense you wish. Life is a ride, bloody enjoy it.'

But my favorite?

"Welcome to the world, and sorry about the mess.
We've left you a changing planet - one that seems to be warming and struggling to cope with all its inhabitants. We're not quite sure what'll happen yet, but your generation could be the makers or breakers. Find out what the scientists are saying and do something to help, even if it's only very small.
But enjoy your life too...our planet changes, but the human spirit doesn't. Never stop being fascinated by the world. Follow your heart. And stay away from fizzy drinks."

I think I'd add to those the words my grandfather left us with after every family visit, holiday gathering and kiss on the cheek: 'Be kind to one another.' 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Expected One- Teaser Tuesday

Hosted by MizB at shouldbereading.

Here's how to play:

*Grab your current read,
*Open to a random page,
*Share a few “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page,
*Please no spoilers!
*Share the title and author.

Today's selection is from The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan. (p.330-31)

 "Maureen looked intently at the skull while listening to Sinclair's explanation. A thought hit her, and she exclaimed, 'It's John! The skull--it's in all of Mary Magdalene's iconography, the paintings. She's always shown with a skull, and no one has ever been able to give me a good explanation for it. Always a vague reference to penance. The skull represents repentance. But why? Now I see why. Mary was painted with the skull because she was doing penance for John--literally with John's skull.' 
Sinclair nodded. 'Yes. And the book, she's always shown with a book.'
'But that could just be scripture,' Maureen observed.
'It could be, but it's not. Mary is shown with a book because it is her own book, her message that she has left these for us to find. And I hope it will give us insight in to the mystery of her oldest son and his fate, because we just don't know. I'm hoping that the Magdalene will put that mystery to rest for us herself.'" 

Have just started this book and it looks to be quite interesting. So very much we don't know and I love getting other people's take on the subject. As the author states on her website, the beauty of art is "the perpetual mystery of interpretation".  Isn't that the beauty of life?!