Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sliding into the New Year!

Happy New Year, Mes Amies!
Back in Paris (after a short, mostly-working vacation in Greece last week)
and this was taken from a postcard at a souvenir shop after lunch today on Rue Cler. 

We celebrated last night at a party with some American friends of my sister's
and walked the Trocadero and Eiffel Tower after midnight last night on our way home!
WHAT a crowd! 
A little scary, interesting, exhilarating, and possibly a dim bulb idea 
but luckily without incident for us. I've been in the Champ de Mars once before on NY's Eve
and it was wild and crazy then too only with fireworks
 (which are no longer allowed in Paris on NY's Eve). 

Hoping all of you had a fun and safe New Year's Eve 
and wishing each of you smooth sailing in 2012! 

CHEERS to the New Year! 


  1. WOOOOOOOOO WHAT A PLACE TO CELEBRATE! Oh Kirsten, I wish you the BEST YEAR EVER!!! Today is my four year anniversary in blogging and I believe that you and I have kept in touch since. Bless you dearest, Anita

  2. What a lovely place to celebrate! A very happy new year to you and yours!


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