Monday, February 6, 2012

Novel House in Paris~ Missing Paris Day

Welcome to the house of my novel~
partially set in Paris. 
It's just a few blocks from our apartment so easy access. 
And right on the Champ de Mars.
I love the arched doorway in grapevine relief,
the mini columns and the heads also draped in vines. 

I've had it in mind for some time
but on this last trip I took some photos so I'd have them for description. 
Notice the wild cat licking a leg above. 

And the pine cones over the window...

and in the corners. 

It's actually a couple of apartment buildings
but in this job, I get to take creative license. 

It also happens to be the home of the Cesar Academie
(of which a friend has been nominated for an award-
but that's another blog post). 

The backside looks right out on...

the Eiffel Tower. 
Imagine having this as your living room view.
That's what I did so (besides the tenants of the building)
my characters are the lucky ones.

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Oh that entrance is kingly!!!! AND YOUR NOVEL, how is it coming along dearest? Anita

  2. Oh you are a lucky one! So excited about your novel. Good to be back with you, Kirsten. Happy Valentine's Day.......


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