Monday, March 5, 2012

Famous Saint Sulpice~Missing Paris Day

A little view of the exterior of the Eglise de Saint Sulpice,
most recently made very well-known by Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code
though the interior has been the scene of many a book.

Dedicated to Sulpitius the Pious (a 7th century bishop),
it is slightly smaller than Notre Dame and
home to more than one mural by Eugene Delacroix.

It was built over a 13th century Romanesque church
and was the wedding place of Victor Hugo
as well as where the Marquis de Sade (1740) and
Charles Baudelaire (1821) were baptized. 

It is the burial place of the granddaughters of Louis XIV
and Louise de Lorraine. 

But I will always now remember it as the place where I broke my camera 
at the very beginning of our most recent visit to Paris
while sitting on one of those benches in the square. 

(I broke The Chef's too but luckily--if any luck is involved here--
 it was on our last day just before leaving.)

Maybe I should have gone into the church, offered up a few sacred words
and touched one of those meridian lines
before ever touching my camera that day. 

Next time I will. 

Bonne semaine!

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen
Facts via Wikipedia)


  1. Bonjour ma belle Kirsten!

    Ohhhh I missed this spot when I was in Paris; I missed SO MUCH while I was there for eight fabulous days, but I remember when I saw Notre Dame. I could not believe that I WAS THERE!!!

    How are you dearest? I am juggling my work now with Etsy and it is a challenge, but fun. THANK YOU FOR YOU WELL-WISHES!!! Oh, today IS MY ANNIVERSARY...I FORGOT, I am so busy!!!

    teehee.....have a splendid one, Anita

  2. So nice to meet you Kristen.. Thank you so much for your most welcome visit and kind words..
    My header... Actually that is a photo of the sky one stormy night at home... I then transposed one of my wall relief's onto it...

    Who is above me here... None other than my dear friend Anita...
    I love your blog, it is just beautiful.. I keep saying the same thing... One day, one day I will visit Paris, oh how I would love to go..
    Enjoy your week!
    Blessings, Penny

  3. Best be a memory you would like to forget!
    When visiting churches in Europe I always have to know what ceremonies took place there. Fascinating. Reims...oh my.

    As for my town, Kirsten...let's just say I've never unpacked! Always one foot out the door.

    Have a great week, my friend.

  4. I tried Slammerkin because I loved Room so much and it's the same author. UGH! I can not read a book about child prostitution. So, I am debating on my next one. You?

  5. Thank you for whisking me away to this beautiful spot...and thank you so much for the kind comments and is always a joy!
    I too heard negatives on the Awards, but thought they were CLASSY as can be...Hollywood needs class, it is a forgotten art!

  6. "Next time I will." I love how you can be so confident that there will definitely be a next time. I am afraid overseas travel is almost entirely out of reach for me. That's basically OK - but sometimes I get sad twinges.


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