Monday, March 12, 2012

Pot au Haggis~ Missing Paris Day

It's my sister's birthday week.
And this is one of the things we did during my last visit to Paris.
A bit of the old Haggis appetizer at the Auld Alliance 
(just off the St. Paul metro stop)
with a beer and an Edradour (scotch) chaser.
Edradour was the scotch tour we took while in Scotland awhile back
so we were reliving a tasty memory. 

She doesn't like to travel to too many cities more than once.
Too many places to see to go back to somewhere you've already been. 
We've spent a lot of New Year's Eves together
but she said recently that she would go back to Scotland 
for Edinburgh's Hogmanay and torch light procession again at New Year's. 
It was THAT much fun! 

So here's a wish for a scotch (not too peaty) and a beer to you on your birthday 
and for another Hogmanay New Years together! 
Preferably from a nearby castle.
See that post here

Happy Birthday and love you, Beautiful Sister!



    I was working in my Etsy shop all day long today but HERE I AM, loving BLOGLAND to see you. HAGGIS???? HOLY COW, how was it?????

    Dearest, thank you so much for visiting me today! I didn't get a chance to check in this morning as usual before I run off to my classroom; I stayed home to get many orders done and sent out. This dual life is getting hectic!!!!


  2. Dear Kristen
    Thank you so much for your visit.
    I appreciate your most kind words about my angels on the side bar.
    I started to create angels a few months before my beloved husband past away in January of 2009, after a long battle with bone cancer.. In the wee hours of the evenings when I was sure he was resting I would go into my studio and sculpt.. The first piece I created was
    Angels crossing.. a wall relief.. It seemed to give me comfort. When finished, I started a new relief, Wings of Hope and then
    Walk with Me.. so I guess you can see where my heart was... After his passing my art was my therapy and I started painting angels. It helped in the healing of my heart.
    Wishing you a beauitful week.
    Blessings, Penny

  3. Forgot to wish your sister a very happy Birthday... Aren't sister's wonderful... I am blessed to have my sister Connie.

  4. When I travel I am always caught between revisiting an old favorite and discovering some place new.

  5. HOhhhh baby! Love that whisky and haggis! Today was a birthday extraordinaire! A keeler (Nick-speak for killer)lunch at La Pinède down at a secluded spot on the water near Cap d'Ail. The most amazing scrumptious shrimp cocktail salad with endives I've ever had in my life, a fishbowl of white wine, humongous gambas with linguine and a delicate tomato-garlic sauce, mandarine sorbet with mandarine liquor (and they brought it out with a sparkler and a complimentary coupe de champagne for my birfday!!!). Then, to work it all off, a long gorgeous hike along the sentier littoral all the way to Monaco and back. I highly recommend running away by yourself for your birthday. It SO doesn't suck!!!

  6. What a beautiful birthday! And you know I would blink myself there to be with you in a heartbeat!


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