Monday, April 1, 2013

Paris Pop Ups

A friend recently told me about a new Pop Up restaurant
 in Paris just near the base of the Eiffel Tower called 180,
so named because it will be open only 180 days. 

Pop Up Eateries are the newest craze in Paris
with chefs, new or seasoned, finding short-term spaces for limited-time-only meals
set in whatever works: warehouses, former restaurants, someone's apartment. 

Some chefs are looking to build their culinary career or reputation
while young chefs may want to curb the high cost of opening a traditional restaurant.
Others are simply looking to expand their creativity and innovation,
offering a gourmet yet affordable dining experience.

A few even hope to take the craze outside of Paris
with package deals which will include train tickets, accommodations 
and a Meet the Chef or Winemaker evening.

180 is located on the 10th floor of the Pullman Hotel 
with a rare restaurant view of the Eiffel Tower. 
To see some some great photos of the view, 
click HERE.

For an even more hip dining experience in Paris, try
Pullman Hotel, 10th Floor
22, rue Jean Rey, 15th Arrondissemtent
Nightly: 6pm-2am
Until July 7, 2013

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Kirsten, I also hear that food trucks are beginning to congregate in Paris.

  2. KIRSTEN!!!

    First of all, this is an interesting concept here! So many changes in the City of Lights, as is happening in so many parts of our world. My husband promises to take me back next summer.

    Thank you dearest for coming to visit. The changes I was attempting to make on my blog will have to ride out with the changes in my writing life. All is well chez moi, but I am trying to give more time to my private reading and writing life and though blogging has been for the last five years a way to get me to write, it has become a source of inspiration and reason to write. But more growth in my writing goals is happening, and it is going to eventually change the way I blog. The one thing I did not take into consideration when I first disabled my comments (to save time in responding to them all) is that the social aspect of blogging is very special. I can't at this time, live without that. No writing goals are more important to me at this point than the connections I have made. I am taking classes in the summer on writing poetry and recently my current reads are changing my approach to how I write, which is a good thing. But TIME is the reason why I have had to think about making changes.

    HOW ARE YOU? Thank you so much for coming by, and anytime you go to our beloved city, think of me.

    BISOUS! Anita

  3. Kirsten,
    I just love this pop-up concept, it is so fun!I truly need a Paris trip, it has been too long....I just got back from our city by the Bay, it was wonderful to be "home". I was disappointed at how it is not being kept up very well though....California's bankruptcy is just a shame.
    I hope you are well!
    Happy late Easter,

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