Monday, June 17, 2013

Striking Mont St. Michel

Apparently, as a French air traffic control strike took place last week,
so too another strike was raging. 

Mont St. Michel, France's top tourist attraction
bringing in about 3 million visitors a year,
also went on strike, over transport access.

After a new shuttle program began, cutting out public transport and
bringing both workers and visitors alike to the site, 
workers say their work day is now lengthened with a longer walk
as they are forced to take tourist buses and be dropped further away.
Car park costs have risen 
and the mayor is already in trouble (hit with a fine)
for shuttling visitors to a spot where they must pass his shops and restaurants.

In retaliation, workers have been allowing entrance to both
the car park and the abbey for free! 
For once, workers are not making problems for tourists
but making things easier for them. 

With the new shuttle, reports are that visitor numbers have gone down
but with entry free at the moment,
 numbers are rising. 
Workers have been asking for talks.
Oh to be in France!

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(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)  


  1. Well, that's not something you hear very often! We did indeed enjoy Mt. St. Michel (at full price!) but jolly good for the workers to choose that way to retaliate!

  2. Over the years, I've experienced strikes of all kinds in France. Garbage workers, subway workers, museum workers, etc... Now there is a strike of air traffic controllers going on. Seems like France knows how to get the attention of decision makers....

    Love your photos of Mont St. Michel and enjoyed this info regarding the site. I have always loved going there.


  3. I guess you can tell I am a teacher at heart, because as I read about this, my first thought was, "What a great example of cause and effect." ha.

  4. Kirsten, thank you so much for your visit to Marmelade Gypsy and your kind words. They touched me so.


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