Monday, July 1, 2013

Baguette less popular

Popularity of the traditional baguette seems to be on the wane. 
According to The Telegraph, the French are less inclined to consume these days. 
While I'm a fairly gluten-free eater most of the time,
I do reserve the right to a few delectable hunks of baguette with my cheese when in France. 
And there's nothing like typical baguette street sandwiches made with
 fresh butter, fromage and jambon to be eaten on a park bench. 
I typically buy the Pain Cereale
for its healthier properties. 
But with cheese, it must be baguette. 

The French swear that they never snack between meals
but on every single day of the week, 
one can see them walking down the street, 
baguette under arm, top chunk missing and chewing vigorously.  

 It has just the right outer crunchiness and spongy interior 
to make it perfectly acceptable to be eaten alone. 
And its subtle taste leaves each rather-too-large slice of cheese
to be enjoyed in all its pure flavor
without being overpowered. 

France is beginning a national campaign 
(to help out those 26,000 boulangeries) 
similar to our milk industry's "Got milk?" campaign. 
So, if you suddenly have a strong desire
for some of that spongy goodness, 
someone is behind it. 
Go with it. 
Save the boulangerie! 

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. I never met one I didn't like.

  2. I never try it before, but it seems good. I think will must be taste it.

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  3. Good evening Kristen, how are you?
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind thoughts.
    Well now I am hungry. Bread is my downfall, any type..(and cheese)
    I have been working with my needle felting, hope to have it completed one day soon.

  4. Oh Kirsten,

    I'm finally here! AND thank you for coming to visit;I am extremely busy these days and was and still am on a posting break. I'm taking a poetry class that is demanding most of my writing time, I do visit blogs when I can, AND I'm flying out to California tomorrow!

    Oh it breaks my heart (or stomach!) to know that the tasty tradition of the baguette is EN PÉRIL.....NO, NO, NO! There is nothing like a good French baguette; I lived on their bread while in France and it's such an iconic staple that I hope and literally pray does not completely disappear! I wish I could go to Paris NOW and buy all the baguettes I could. Believe me, I could eat my share to help support my local boulangerie!

    Be well sweet Kirsten! Anita

  5. Vive le boulangerie! Oh, the joy of walking down and getting fresh bread every day! Always perfectly cooked. It is truly one of the best memories of Paris!


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