Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy St. Magdalene Feast Day

Mary Magdalene
(Painting by Quentin Massys)

In Saint Maximin today in Southern France,
there is a parade using the likeness of Mary Magdalene 
to celebrate her feast day. And celebrations are occurring all over the world. 

Every year on July 22nd, 
she is remembered as one who stood at the foot of the cross that day
and the first to witness Jesus' resurrection, his most loving and beloved follower
and constant companion.

Mary of Magdala is making a re-emergence and makes an appearance in my upcoming novel
so is a part of my reading and researching and frequently on my mind.

Here she is shown with the ointment jar, a frequent symbol in artist's renditions of her.
Now known as 'The Apostle to the Apostles', in the past Mary has been a victim of mistaken identity,
wrongly called a prostitute.

One author who has written a novel about a journalist researching an ancient mystery involving Mary Magdalene which she says is only fictionalized to protect loved ones and that many of the protagonist's experiences were actually her own (see The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan), has recently sent out a newsletter asking for support for her favorite cause, Made by Survivors, an international non-profit organization employing, educating and training survivors of slavery and human rights abuses.

"100% of profits go to support rescue, aftercare, education and employment."

In honor of Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, if you are so moved, make a donation to help save the life and future of a woman who has been forced into slavery. And under tonight's Feast Day full moon, remember there are many others looking at that moon who don't have the rights and choices that we enjoy.  Be a part of "Empowering Women Worldwide to Design Their Own Bright Futures."


  1. A beautiful painting and excellent explanation. Thebook sounds fascinating. Thanks!

  2. AHHHH! I HAVE MISSED TOO MUCH FRENCH BEAUTY HERE and you...dearest heart, your new banner, your travels....lovely as always! And I love what you shared on your comment about Mandy Patinkin; I love his work from way back to the current. His voice is that of silver bells, and to now learn how closely he holds his "aiëux", that seals the deal that he is a superman.

    Wishing you happiness as you walk with the shadows under the sun. Anita

  3. Kirsten,
    I loved to read about Mary Magdalene; it was very interesting to me. When Nel went to France, she said that Mary was honored and respected by many of the French people, but I wasn't aware that there was a celebration to honor her - how wonderful.



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