Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Florence on my mind...Travelin' Tuesday

I'm busy working on the novel this week 
from my writing retreat on the Oregon Coast
and my characters are in Florence right this minute
so it seemed a good time to pull out some of the Florence photos. 

I don't recall the exact location of this spot 
but pretty sure it is right near the Uffizi Gallery...
and the Arno river...and the Ponte Vecchio bridge. 

The shot reminds me of olives smothered in olive oil
and authentic pizza with red wine...
like this...

My characters are in the midst of a helicopter tour of Florence
with one of the most wealthy moguls in the world
which I never got to do 
but it was fun to write about.

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Oh my....another spot on this earth where I want and NEED TO GO! History, art, FOOD with olive oil and a place to THINK outside the box would be nice. Oh my friend, thank you for coming to visit again and the remedy to get over that hump? WRITE. Yes, I had a "melt down" one night after poetry class and my teacher (a published and well-known poet) came to my side and confessed, "Every one writes crap! - JUST KEEP WRITING NO MATTER WHAT!" So for me, when I'm writing say, an email, a comment, I am FREE. But when you are suddenly given an assignment, YOU FREEZE. That is so typical. Free writing has become more and more a necessary exercise because from that, you can SHAPE your thoughts. Write even if it feels awkward. More than likely, you will find a golden nugget in the mess, and from there, start shaping. Something magical happens to me at that point and I start to get excited. But it has to come from the ashes of a wild fire of writing. KEEP ME POSTED! Anita

  2. Oh, Kirsten, Florence is on my bucket list. I think I have to make a few trips back to France (and England) first, but still... I love this!

    Your writing retreat sounds wonderful -- how nice to be somewhere lovely (I've never been to Oregon, but I'm thinking it's lovely!). You must feel so inspired, and if you're not, your photos will do the trick!

    You asked about Gypsy on your comment on Marmelade Gypsy. Sweet boy left us in July 2012. I don't think I'll ever find another cat like him -- as sweet, loving and funny. Lizzie does her best and she's very dear (and exceedingly neurotic), has a huge purr. But she's her own animal and Gypsy made it quite clear he was mine. Always in the heart, every day. Thanks for asking. (I would have replied email but didn't see contact on your blog and "no reply" on the comment!). ~jeanie

  3. I would still be re-writing a published book. A big editor told me once, how heavily or not they edited books. He said Steven King for instance, well, you dare not edit his.

  4. Oh this sounds fabulous Kirsten! My favorite city (tied with lovely Paris :)Can't wait to read it!

  5. I am constantly impressed with your focus and determination. You have quite a gift, you know?


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