Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Meilleurs voeux...

A charming French vintage New Year's card. #vintage #New_Years #card

Wishing you and yours a most happy, healthy, prosperous and joyous new year! 
We are home from a fabulously decadent Christmas holiday in Park City
...and now recovering from the flu. 
All our NYE and NYD plans have been cancelled
and it will be a quiet evening. 

I plan to spend it creating my Vision Board for 2014...
a collage of all the things I could possibly wish for the coming year
which will then be posted where I can see it everyday.

My New Years Resolution this year 
is to spend more time researching the things that are important to me. 
How great is that?! 
A resolution I actually WANT to do!

It's bound to be a spectacular year! 
And only hours away.
Bonne Annee a vous! 


  1. And I too want to spend more time with the things that are important to me as well dearest Kirsten! Tomorrow makes 6 years I've been blogging and I know you have been around about the same time. Cheers to you dear one and please get well quickly and jump into 2014, ready to GO! BISOUS BISOUS! Anita

  2. Oh, dear -- so sorry you had to see the new year in with the flu, but I know your holiday was worth it. The vision board is a wonderful idea -- I've been considering doing one of those. I love your goal of research.

    I send you wonderful wishes for the new year and a quick recovery from the flu!

  3. Hello, dear friend.
    I have a few wishes for you.
    May 2014 bring you much joy.
    May we all have peace in our homes,
    laughter by our firesides,
    time spent with family,
    and contentment in our hearts.
    Be well, my friend.

  4. Kirsten!!!
    Happy New Year! I hope you are better now, we were sick over all of the holidays and it was no fun. At least I hope you had a blast in Park City, I am sure it was beautiful :).
    I wish you a wonderful 2014 and much health and happiness...perhaps a Paris trip too!


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