Monday, February 3, 2014

Faulkner on American Writers in Paris Tour

On Rue Vaugirard in the 6th arrondissement
sits the Hotel Luxembourg Parc,
(just across from the Luxembourg gardens)
a 4-star hotel
which was once
Le Grand Hotel des Principautes.

In 1925,
as Le Grand Hotel des Principautes,
it was the home of William Faulkner 
for four months. 

According to one French blog,
he didn't mix much with The Lost Generation,
preferring instead the company of the park's
children and workers.

And though the hotel has been renovated,
the entrance moved from rue Servandoni to Vaugirard,
and the name changed,
it still holds a plaque
'Faulkner was here'
in autumn of 1925.

Oh to have seen these streets in 
the fall of '25.

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. You dear heart, take some of the most beautiful photos of Paris. You know why I think that? Because you have not only been there in body, but your soul is there. Paris has a way of doing that to you, non? And you love her people. What a way to live, what a way to go....Paris.

    And so nice to see you! I have been crazy busy with my new teaching job, driving to tutoring lessons that I give, picking up my husband, trudging through snow, and such! But I am happy for we are part of a poetry group that meets in our home (tonight they are coming!) and I have also been asked to be a contributing writer to a new magazine that will be in print. I am very excited about that!

    Be well, et je t'embrasse! Anita

  2. Oh those flowers, Kirsten. I like that Faulkner struck out on his own - didn't follow.

  3. Kirsten!

    Thank you so much for your kind visit and comment! I tried to get back to you then, but due to all of my "gadgets", and having someone doing some work on my blog face, I was locked out for a bit and din't have time to fix it...hopefully this comment will stick :)

    I have been very busy with my shop and work, but it is the heart of my son's sport season (lacrosse), and I am 7 days a week trying to fit that in too...sigh!
    I hope you are well, did you get some of that snow?
    Have a great week!


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