Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Strategic Intuition

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From William Duggan's 'Strategic Intuition' (p.150-51):

"Through 1906 Picasso tried various styles, all in the previous traditions of realism and impressionism. Then Picasso discovered Henri Matisse. In the summer of 1905 Matisse had the first great breakthrough of modern art. His new paintings created a stir at a fall exhibition in Paris. Over the next winter Matisse painted his first masterpiece of the new style, Happiness of Life...The key features of Matisse's new style were distorted shapes, unrealistic colors, and a flat look without shading or lines of perspective. 

Meanwhile, Picasso had some minor success, enough to win the Steins as admirers: Gertrude, her brothers Leo and Michael, and Michael's wife Sarah. Now Picasso went to see Happiness of Life and the Steins brought Matisse to visit Picasso's studio. The two painters met again in the Stein apartment. That was the night Picasso found his style.

Matisse brought along his daughter, Marguerite, who worked as his assistant. He also brought along an African sculpture... 

Picasso had a flash of insight. The timing reveals the elements he combined: Matisse's Happiness of Life and the African sculpture. The result was his breakthrough masterpiece, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. In Picasso's painting you see the same key elements from Matisse's new style...

This kind of creative combination is an open secret in the art world. Artists have a word for the act of stealing: influence...

Strategic intuition works the same way in art as it does in other fields. Innovation comes through creative combination, by bringing past elements together in a new and useful way."


  1. That is interesting Kirsten. Like the saying that goes something like, 'nothing new under the sun'. I think we've seen, heard, felt and tasted it all - just at different times and ways. Don't know. Give me a minute and I might change my mind.

  2. That is the trick: NEW and useful. Yes, this is the way....good evening my dear Kirsten! Anita

  3. I always love it when you do these.


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