Monday, April 28, 2014

La Villa Corse~ Missing Paris Day

This restaurant, just down the street from us in the 15th in Paris,
La Villa Corse,
is the location of a scene in my novel.
It's the place my protagonist has her first date with the love interest,
a semi-blind date set up by her sister.

The restaurant has divine Corsican food
with items like fried squid with thyme olive oil;
cannelloni with chard and fresh mint;
coastal farmed pig with chestnut juice and apple puree;
St. Jacques over risotto with fresh truffles,
 Corsican cheeeses and Creme Brulee with Corsican clementines.
The menu also changes with the seasons. 

I do love this place for the food...
but I also loved it for its interior:
rich ochre and amber colors adorning the walls and chairs,
Corsican reds and golden hues with crimson lampshades,
billowing burgundy door curtains,
even the restrooms were decked out in 
ocean sunset colors.

So on this recent visit, 
I stopped by to sit and sip a glass of something
while I took a few more notes for my scene. 

But guess what? 
They've updated! 

Instead of the warm, glowing Italian sunset colors,
they've modernized with basic black, white and gray
with some purple to splash it up. 

Oh well, at least in my novel
there will be a lasting tribute
to the once warm, blushing, Italian interior. 
And my protagonist will be able to enjoy it. 
But I may be going to their other location for the food!

Click here to see La Villa Corse. 
Or visit at
164 Boulevard de Grenelle,
75015 Paris
Open: Mon-Sat

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. THYME OLIVE OIL? I'm there. Oh the love, the beauty, no matter what the updates, because I trust the French to keep a vestige of their style. And how is that novel coming along dear writer?

  2. First, before I forget, I love your banner! What a view!

    Sounds like it was a wonderful place but it always makes me sad when something already quite lovely changes -- and not always for the better. (Even if the food and wine are still fine!)

  3. Kirsten, I can see you there taking notes. Myself, I've been dying to try a wood fire grilled piece of octopus that I see on my travel shows.

  4. Not only am I missing Paris now, I'm hungry! And how sad they changed the colors. Oy, indeed!


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