Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Italian Door fronts

I'm rereading Frances Mayes'
'Under the Tuscan Sun' again,
gleaning ideas for my Greek travel book
and stretching out in her poetic words
like a bed covered with rose petals...

and some friends are talking about
spending Christmas in Rome
Italy is on my mind. 

Had to share some of these sparkly door fronts 
from Rome and Mantua. 

This little trattoria really knows how to make a scene. 

 I couldn't help but snap a photo
of an awning of white roses. 

The Chef is talking about meeting our friends in Rome 
over the holidays.
We'll see... 
ohhh how I love when he gets carried away. 
You just never know with him. 

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Oh, ITALIA! Kirsten, enjoy your literary travels and may it get your plans fired up for a REAL TRIP! I love Italy....

  2. I loved Italy Kirsten. I went to the Cinque Terra, Florence and Rome which was my favorite. So ancient and beautiful. I was amazed to see the young women clicking around on high heels over the old cobblestone streets.

  3. Italy is on my bucket list and these photos only add to the desire. How beautiful!


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