Monday, February 9, 2015

Our Favorite Corner of Paris

A trip to Paris is never complete 
without a visit to our favorite corner not far from Notre Dame. 
And our favorite little eatery. 

I've posted before about La Reserve de Quasimodo
which serves old French favorites
and does them well. 

Their bread is from one of Paris' finest boulangeries
using the old style of baking. 

And a separate entrance leads into their wine shop. 

The view looks out on
 Paris' magificent Hotel de Ville 
right across the Seine. 

And just around the corner,

sits another building claiming to be one of the oldest in Paris. 

All decked out for Noel
including Bethlehem polar bears. 

Paris is always beautiful
but even more so at Christmas! 
Next time I'll have more photos of a walk on the other side of this bridge
and the church of St. Louis. 

(Photos copyright:Kirsten Steen)


  1. Can't wait to try out your favorite corner Paris this coming Christmas!

  2. Not far from the neighborhood I hang out in when I'm in Paris but I've not seen this spot. I've just added it to my next-time book!

  3. I think I ate there last trip. Was Esmerelda the cat still there. Believe it or not, I had the Carbonnara pasta I've ever had there. Don't know why we ordered Italian, but it was worth it.


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