Monday, March 2, 2015

From Notre Dame to Eglise Saint Louis en l'Ile

To return to our small Paris tour from last time,
we walked from the lovely Notre Dame de Paris,
seen here in the setting sun,

across the bridge

past the brasseries

to the Eglise Saint Louis en l'Ile.

Built between 1664 and 1726,
and according to the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau,
built according to plans by Le Vau, the royal architect of Versaille. 

While I'm not a Catholic
I DO love those Catholic churches

for their graceful beauty, their architecture,

moving paintings
and stained glass windows
filled with stunning color and detailed story.

for their quiet places

their history


and reverence

their painted arches

and hiding shadows

their amazing shots

and because I always learn something.

What about you? 
Anything you especially love about churches?

Next time we'll do a little more walking 
along the island. 


19 bis rue Saint-Louis-en-l'Ile
75004 Paris

(All Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Oh, comme j'adore les eglises françaises!!!!!

    KIRSTEN! BONJOUR! I remember when I first saw her - Notre Dame. We had emerged from the Metro on our first trip to Paris, and I turned and there she a dream. I never tired of seeing church after church in France. Those little corners of history so normal and every day for the French....they are treasures!

    I want to thank you so much for coming to leave a comment for me. It was hard on that Sunday morning now two months ago, when I decided to quit my blog. But I am still present when I can in visiting. But my writing goals have changed and I find that spending the time on blogging must be used elsewhere to seriously write. It is a hard transition but well-worth it. I am reading much more (very necessary!) and now struggling in private with my poetry (it must be done) because I truly want to improve and write well.

    But the love and admiration I have for all of you will always be a memory stirred up from time to time via visits, emails, etc...

    I am hoping to make my blog into a book with my own photos and a lot of editing and revision. I will announce that when it comes near to being complete.

    In the meantime, ciao, au revoir, gros bisous! Anita

  2. My first trip to Paris, I stayed around the corner from Notre Dame. Though I do visit churches when I travel, I don't like to go to too many. I'm not religious and there is a lot of cognitive dissonance for me. The Vatican was pretty spectacular, but I think I prefer museums, though again, not too many as I seem to glaze over. Last time in Paris, I really enjoyed getting out of the city into the Loire Valley. That was a treat.

  3. I, too, love the churches of Paris, although like you, I'm not Catholic either. This one is a particular favorite, much more intimate. Your photos are splendid. Truly enjoying your tour!


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