Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Palais des Papes, Avignon

We're touring a little piece of Provence history today
at the papal palace in Avignon,
the capital of the Vaucluse department in southern France.

This medieval, gothic fortress and palace,
once the seat of Christianity 
and known as one of the greatest examples of Gothic style, 
was begun in 1252.

Clement V made it his home in 1309...

...moving the Papal Court to Avignon
 thus creating a period known as the Avignon Papacy
which lasted not quite 70 years
when the Popes returned to Rome in 1377. 

But the antipopes moved in,
ending the Avignon Papacy
and creating the Papal Schism
when several announced themselves the true Pope.

(Christ carrying the cross with Sainte Catherine of Siena on the left)

I love old snapshots of history...

and these sliding media photos show the walled city
in the 1600's. 

Anyone who knows me 
knows I'm a door and window person
taking shots of them wherever I go. 

All around Avignon are murals like this one...

and on many walks in Europe
you'll find just such an elderly woman staring out her window
watching the world pass by. 

I couldn't pass up this beautiful door
with its gorgeous arch, 
cobblestone walkway
and infinity sign. 

And this one just tickled me!

Also in many European cities
one finds Virgin altars on corners of the Old Towns.

Usually holding something precious.

More photos of Provence next time. 
So much beauty...
and such history.

Happy waning summer to you!

(All Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Be still my heart! Oh Kirsten, these photos are breathtaking.. I love the sculptures, and the palace, what can I say.. How I wish I was standing in front of it. Architecture, especially doors, are a true love of mine..
    Thank you so much for taking me along.

  2. Never been to that part of France, Kirsten. The windows and doors in Europe are spectacular.

  3. Oh, do I ever have FOND memories of this place, Kirsten! You got way more photos of the details however, than I did, and thank you for bringing back those magic moments to me. My husband loved this place, and so did I.

    SO LOVELY to see you and thank you my friend for coming to visit....it's hard for me to keep up these days. I am rushing off to school to begin a very long day, but I hope to get things done before MONDAY when the kids come to school! LOVE TO YOU!


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