Monday, August 10, 2015

Rosa Bonheur sur Seine

I'm pretty sure I've posted this photo before
but I love it so much I had to take another when I walked by.

Seine art.

While down there on our way through Les Berges de Seine,
Seester and I came across the shipping containers used as rental spaces
where they were having a sustainable design show.
I loved these bikes made out of wood.
The above link gives you an idea of the 
amazing things they're doing on the Left Bank these days
with all kinds of fun things for kids and adults alike. 

We went to Rosa Bonheur sur Seine
where it feels like Paris Plage without the sand.

A gorgeous, warm, sunny day
perfect for wine on the river. 

And a fantastic view!

Pull up a chair, find a spot of shade
and people-watch while sipping pink wine. 

One last look at the Seine before we move on to Provence...
next time. 

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Will certainly head down there one evening this week as I have a friend from Portland in town with her 11yr old son. Plus Paris Plages is on for another couple of weeks so even more going on. Paris in August (especially absent Parisians)...ahhh.

  2. Looks good Kirsten and pretty busy. I thought you were going to view Rosa Bonheur paintings.

  3. I hope we have a few good days at Christmas when we're in Paris so we can at least do this for a bit. With two weeks, we should get an hour at least. Thanks for the this. I pinned it to Pinterest board "Paris, Mai Oui."


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