Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rest in Eternal Peace, Wayne Dyer

I am still in shock and deep grief ...
at the death of one of my favorite 
inspirational teachers
...as are many.

As I read the words of others,
I only begin to understand the depth
with which he helped to change the universe.

He touched so many people
looking for answers and trying to find their way,
helping them to recognize their own power
to make their own change. 

The above quote that I found from OmTimes
and put over the beauty of Mt. Shasta,
one of my favorite mountains,
I think best describes his mission,
his loving way of helping others. 

A gracious soul,
a transforming beam of love and light 
to all he reached.

May eternity bless you 
for all you have been and shared. 
And may the magnificent shooting star of your life
continue to sprinkle miracle dust over us.
And you...

May you rest in beautiful peace.

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. I've always loved his pragmatism and, even though some called his ideas simplistic, he went to the heart of our being instead of draping it in some complicated pseudo-speak. That's because he had a big heart and understood people, their struggles, their needs. A lovely quote, Kirsten. He'll be so missed.

  2. Very lovely. He helped me through some difficult times to be sure. Beautiful man.

  3. Beautiful words. I only began reading his books 2 years ago, but he enable a huge shift in me. I am forever grateful.


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