Monday, November 23, 2015

Missing Paris... and some good news

This photo was taken at the Musee Marmottan in Paris
and seemed appropriate as a small tribute to the city 
and its many angels. 

What a week, there and all over the planet.

But little pieces of good news keep popping up in unexpected places.
A friend in Amsterdam came out to her bicycle
to find a hand-knitted scarf wrapped in plastic in her basket with a note: 
"For whoever finds this, open me, I'm a present!
 I'm not lost, but something someone took pleasure making and placing here for you.
 Just doing something nice for someone else." 

And right here at a local grocery,
a friend's husband posted that the gentleman behind him
paid for his family's groceries.

Everywhere angels remind us
that good will persevere
even in the face of so much treacherous hate. 

And in my own backyard,
a little good news on the writing front.
My very first piece of short fiction to be published
 won second prize in Gemini Magazine
which you can find here.

Let's keep spreading more good news... 
and random acts of sparkling sweetness. 

Musee Marmottan
2, rue Louis Boilly
75016 Paris
Open Tues-Sun 10am-6pm

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Oh Kirsten, first a big congratulations for your published work. I'll go there in a moment. What sweet things to hear people doing. I heard of something so sad today and this has helped me tremendously. I'll have to go out and try to pay it forward before Christmas. Not long ago I sat in the vet's office next to a man and woman with an old little dog that's tooth needed pulling. Turns out there were a lot that needed to come out. They were talking about what bill they would have to miss paying so when I went in to see the vet, I quietly told her I wanted to pay for their bill. It made me really happy to know I helped them and their beloved little gal.

    1. I absolutely love your kindness to those dog lovers at the vet! Bless you and yours and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. I adore and do my best to practice random acts of kindness. The scarf gives me a good idea. I have many from when I over-knitted! I might take your Amsterdam friend's experience!

    1. Jeanie, what a lovely idea! Keep it going from Amsterdam to you. I hope you'll do a blog post with a few photos of your random kindness scarves strategically placed around town. For awhile I placed 5 or 10 dollar bills hidden around the workplace with a note that said 'You are magnificent.' Maybe I'll have to start again but expand it around town. Here's to spreading kindness!


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