Monday, March 7, 2016

Nos Ancetres les Gaulois

When we first started coming to Paris many moons ago,
we were taken to a fun little place on the Ile St. Louis
called Nos Ancetres les Gaulois. 

By Paris standards, it would be called simple food
but it is fun for the buck (er...euro). 

The interior is a step back in time
to Our Gaul Ancestors.
You are led to bulky wooden tables and chairs
lined together and set family-style.
The floors and walls are rough stone,
ancient tools hanging nearby 
and timbered ceilings add to the medieval atmosphere. 

For a fixed price (now 40 euros),
you are given a small pitcher (pichet)
and directed to the wine cask
filled with a red Bordeaux
to refill as often and as much as you like. 
The starter is a basket of fresh veggies (crudites)
with a paring knife at your place setting...
and a small buffet holds several French salads
like the carrot rappee, julienned celeriac and piles of saucisson.

A waiter takes your meat order,
beef, lamb or chicken cooked in the nearby wood-fired, stone fireplace.
A cheese plate ends every French meal
as well as a seasonal fruit basket,
 dessert and coffee.

And while you eat,
a festive and raucous wandering troubadour
will produce any song requested,
for the price of a glass of wine from your pichet,
  and have the entire restaurant many different languages.

Started as a poetry and song club in 1969 in a medieval cellar,
the restaurant now includes 7 rooms and 300 seats
all situated in the very heart of where Paris began centuries ago.
Step back in time with a medieval experience
for the modern day traveler.

Click Here to see inside. 
Hover over the photo,
then left click and move around the room. 

39, Rue Saint- Louis en I'lle
75004 Paris France

Open every day from 7pm-1am
Now also lunch 12-3.

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Thank you for showing us around. I did not know of this place even though on one trip we stayed there. I am very hungry now thinking about it.

  2. This sounds like a fun and interesting restaurant. And I love that the troubadours will sing the song of your choice. :)

    Happy Spring to you, Kirsten!

  3. KIRSTEN!!!!!!!! BONJOUR! First of all, what a place I'd love to see....I never heard of it, but of course, my stay in Paris was only an eight-day tour. Couldn't find everything, so I must go back!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog. I am still finding it terribly difficult to post regularly on my blog. I am spending more time on Instagram, but I do want to keep my connections open on my blog. Your visit is much appreciated. I will try my best to keep up but teaching French at the high school level requires a lot of work!

    Much love to you! Anita


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