Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Florence Annunciation

While traveling awhile back,
I collected Annunciations for a client and friend who loved them.
And somewhere along my path of collecting them around Europe,
they have become my favorite as well. 

In keeping with our theme of Italy
for the setting of my novel,
this one is in Florence, Italy.

I love the cornucopia surrounding the scene
and the colorful wings of the angel Gabriel. 
He is often depicted holding the Madonna Lily
(Lilium Candidum)
which is thought to be the basis of the Fleur de Lis
as well as the symbol for Florence.
How fitting! 

I also love that in this depiction,
the Madonna is not putting her hand up
as she is in so many.
Often to me it looks like she is saying "Oh no, I couldn't possibly!"
or "Forget it, do you have any idea what that means?" 

In this one, it looks almost as if her hand is over her heart.

A Greek friend of ours,
who survived a very deadly form of cancer,
looks at every single day as a gift.
And when I see these depictions,
it reminds me to see every day as a gift from God and the universe
,,, for all of us. 

How will we use it?!  

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Oh Kirsten, what a question. I guess it varies from moment to moment. It is a beautiful annunciation.

  2. I needed to hear that again.......that every day is a gift. So very true.

  3. Oh, this has to be a favorite. So many blessings bestowed.
    I always thought the same, that the Madonna was holding her hand up to say, "Whoa, now just hold on a minute!"
    I didn't know that about the Fleur de Lis. Thanks.xoxo


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