Tuesday, September 8, 2009


September 9, 2009.

What does it mean to you? To some it has prophecy written all over it. From Nostradamus to The Book of Revelations, there are some out there who are calling this day the beginning of the end, a test of wills between Good and Evil.

One states that CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) near Geneva on the Franco-Swiss border may create a black hole which will devour the Earth, possibly on or around 2012. Some claim that 999 is actually the inverted symbol of 666---or the Beast and the coming of the Anti-Christ. There are more as well but before we get too far down the path, take a closer look at the numerology.

Tomorrow's date doesn't actually add up to 9-9-9 but 9-9-11. In reading several different numerologists and looking up the numbers 2, 9 and 11, the words that come up repeatedly are community and brotherhood, shift and connectedness, beginnings and endings.

2= Cooperation, Harmony, Partnership, Patience.

9= Tolerance and Humanitarianism, shifting the focus to our connection rather than self; the end of a cycle and releasing those things we no longer need; letting go.

11= Inspiration and Illumination.

According to Christine DeLorey (Creative Numerology-check out her very interesting articles),
"we must understand the basic principle of evolvement which is that we cannot move forward and hold onto the past at the same time."

It is true for us personally, systemically, globally, politically and collectively.

Our evolution has to do with how well we can tolerate and balance (in all dimensions: physically, mentally and spiritually) the enormous tension between the extremes pulling at us with such force.

And guess what!

The center is moving.

(I can hardly wait for November 11, 2009-- 11/11/11.)

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  1. A date that brings up much thought for sure! I particularly love the Hope" card at the end :)

  2. Nathalie~ Thanks for coming by! Hope it was an auspicious day for you! I also like the last postcard. I want to put the word up in lights in my window because it always seems to make people feel better. Or at least, me anyway! Cheers!

  3. Thought provoking words Kirsten. Not sure about Ms DeLorey's basic principle's of "evolvement"... however I agree that there are great forces creating tension.

    However, as an optimist I have faith in humans to achieve...as a pragmatist I realise that not all humans "get it" and as an agnostic I find living in "hope" far too passive as a state of being.

    Hope is random... and I don't do random. I think clear intent is far more rewarding.

    I think there are many people that understand that things need to change, whilst others will learn one way or another. Life has a way of teaching lessons, as does history... that's why I'm not sure I agree with Ms DeLorey.

    I completely agree with you about balance and tolerance though. I am currently (for the fourth time) reading a book called "Just enough"... you should have a look if you get time ;-)

    PS: sorry for raving...

  4. I do love to celebrate silly things like crazy dates. Next year, for me anyway, I'll do the same on 10-10-10.

  5. All I know is that it was my husbands birthday and we toasted him at 9 minutes past 9 on the 9th of the 9th 09....xv

  6. oiasantorini~ Will check out the book. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Relyn~ Every day has a number attached to it. Let's celebrate all of them!

    Vicki~ Lucky guy! And thanks for coming by!


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