Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday is 'Missing Paris Day'~Ile St. Louis Restaurant Window

(Photograph copyright: Kirsten Steen)Taken through the window of a restaurant on the Ile St. Louis. Don't remember the name or exact location but loved the Old Paris tile mural. This was our screen saver for awhile, reminding me of so many French meals enjoyed with the hopes of many more to come. This scene makes me want to slide into a cushy seat (as the table is slid away from the wall to make room for my entrance as is the custom by the gentlemanly waitstaff), order a kir and peruse the French menu.

I have daydreams of Foie Gras and Sauterne, Coquille St. Jacques, Tarte Tatin and Vacherin.
I do miss the Choucroute (most likely more of a German meal of many types of meat and sauerkraut but the French love to do it big and make it their own).

We once attended the draining of a French 'lac' by the hunters and fishermen in that area, said to be done for the sole purpose of giving the younger generation something to remember. When the draining was finished and the fish hauled in with nets, separated and divided up, a long trailer sat nearby with one long table inside. A cook had prepared Choucroute for 20 and all along the table were bottles of Alsatian beer and white wine, plates of sausages, bacon and ham knuckles, piles of sauerkraut and scattered baguettes. We sat on benches and stuffed ourselves, partaking in the laughter of a day filled with 2-3 generations working, playing and eating together! One of my favorite memories!

If I were sitting at this table right now, it would most likely mean there was plenty of time to do lunch the French way, with hours to while away on nothing but food designed to make one's eyelids flutter, the sound of a language that makes's one's heart race (for a variety of reasons), and time for a nap apres.

Has anyone eaten here? Recall the name? After gazing lovingly at these tables for the better part of who-knows-how-long, I plan to make this a destination so the memory of it is filled with the particular taste of a certain food and wine. And I promise photos!

Happy Labor Day everyone!


  1. I have never eaten there, but I certainly am missing Paris! Thanks so much for your kind and supportive comment that means so much more coming from someone who has been through something so similar. I truly appreciate it! Have a great short week, Kirsten.

  2. annechovie~ Sending you lots of strength and good wishes for your time ahead. Make the most of it!! You are not alone!


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