Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer in San Francisco

Finally back from a hectic (but great) summer. I was fortunate enough to get to San Francisco twice this summer, my own personal Summer of Love. First trip was with my sweetheart, planned with the idea that it would be our only burst of excitement during what started out to be an unusually quiet summer. Then came a 6am call from my sister in Paris, homesick and ready to book a flight with the kids, arriving right after we returned from SF. Aannnd, she wanted to do a roadtrip to San Francisco as well. When you've been pining for something and the universe answers in boatloads, one doesn't question. One simply says "Yes"!

So first stop for this camera was the Palace of Fine Arts, designed by Bernard Maybeck for the 1915 World's Fair (also known as the Panama-Pacific International Exposition) held in San Francisco between February and December of that year. The Exposition was said to be in celebration of the completion of the Panama Canal but was also considered San Francisco's way of celebrating their successful comeback from the 1906 earthquake. The Fair itself was held along the Marina, taking up 635 acres.

Inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, the allegorical figures (created by sculptor Ulric Ellerhusen) represent "Contemplation, Wonderment and Meditation".

Walking through the Haight District while waiting for a friend, I found my own wonderment and meditation.

San Francisco nearly always delivers for this traveler and rarely disappoints. Stay tuned for a visit to George Lucas' "Lucasfilms".


  1. Hi there! I abslolutely love San Francisco- I was there on my honeymoon...23 moons (years) ago:) What gorgeous pictures- you just have the best photos- total dreaminess for me. summer here in Montreal was quite drab with hardly any sunshine...fortunately I got to go to Florida for a bit:) Thanks for this lovely post, Kirsten.

  2. Lucky you! I used to live blocks away from the Palace of Fine Arts as a child, and my school was so close that we would go there for wonderful to see your lovely pictures, brought back a nice deja vu for me...
    Have a great weekend,

  3. I so need a trip to California....argh!
    I am looking forward to reading about Lucasfilms!

  4. great photos! I would never expect to find a place like this in SF. I'd love to visit, sounds like a great city

  5. One of my fave cities in the world...beautiful images. Welcome back K.

  6. Hi Ms. Lucy~
    What a great place to spend your honeymoon! Any plans to spend your 25th there again?? Thanks for your comment about the photos. Hope you had fun in Florida!

    Dolce Dreams~
    I adore the houses along the Marina. You must have been close by there. What a fabulous view, both of the Palace and the bay and bridge! Which school did you go to?

    Hope you make it there soon. Even after 2 visits to SF this summer and another trek to Pt. Reyes, I'm ready to go back. So much to explore and enjoy there.

    Polly~ You absolutely MUST get there one day when you can! Put it on your list!

    Thank you and it's one of my favorites too. Second right next to Paris. The fact that I lived there for a few years means every time I go it's like coming home and going on vacation all at the same time!

  7. Kirsten! Bienvenue chèrie! You are such a dear to stop by and see the live entertainment with M. Balzac! I really appreciate these three women who attempted to write and tie in their ideas with what I wrote! It has been a fun summer, hasn't it? I love your pictures of SF...I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but the furthest north I had ever been was Monterey, Carmel, San Simeon....for my honeymoon 27 years ago!! I really do appreciate your coming to visit me, a "real" writer like you! I will tell you a secret...I want to be a writer. A professional writer. Shhh....I feel embarrassed to say it, 'cause I have a looooong way to go, but keep practicing, right? Take care dear one! Anita

  8. Anita~ And I want to thank a "real" writer like you for gracing my comment page! Every day that you write, Anita, makes you a real writer. Not so very long to go! All my best wishes and inspiration for more writing in the future!

  9. Ahhh... My favorite city. Wouldn't it have been wonderful if we'd both been there at the same time? I would have loved that so much.


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