Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Travelin' Tuesday~ San Francisco & Lucasfilm

All photos copyright: Kirsten Steen

After years of wondering exactly where this filmmaking haven was located, I happened to 'stumble' upon it after taking recent photos of the nearby Palace of Fine Arts.

Once you've found it, there's nothing to tell you that you've arrived, nothing announcing your location, no big signs giving clues as to who's property this belongs to...

...Just a few statues to the favorite medium. This one is of Eadweard James Muybridge (1830-1904), "The Father of Cinema".

And some scrumptiously landscaped lawns with views indicating money the Presidio most likely has not seen in decades, if ever.

...But then you find the office location where things come into a bit more focus and clues abound.

The gorgeous lobby...

...is filled with Star Wars memorabilia and paraphernalia including books, statues, props used in the films and lifesize replicas.

My niece and nephew from Paris do their thing...She, true to form, makes friends with Vader. He, with a masculine come-uppance of testosterone, gives him a warning, facing him down with the Evil Eye.

My nephew being enamored of ALL things with a screen, I tried to get us in to a couple of buildings so he could glimpse the process of filmwork being done behind closed doors. Watching several of those building doors open with young, bleary-eyeds emerging, I was disappointed to find that each building entrance has a front desk checkpoint where all must show ID.

Ah well, it was enough to finally find the place and be able to show it to the kids. Though I did have visions of standing in the middle of the lobby hollering his name until the God of Lucasfilm came out to give us a guided Behind-the-Scenes tour, 3-month passes to the next film set and a gracious invitation to his home in Marin for lunch.

Next time!


  1. Hi Kirsten:) The photos are great! You're such a gentille tante:) I bet they loved the photo with D.Vader the best.

  2. Bonjour Ms. Lucy~ Thank you! It was so much fun to take them there tho still wish I could have gotten them in a 'real' door! Thanks for coming by! Have missed you!

  3. Dearest Kirsten! What incredible photos and I didn't know that this place existed! Shame on me, a Californian!! You always have such beautiful shots. Thanks for supporting and humoring me on my blog;I am silly and I know it, but I have this creative itch!!! You are a treasure! Anita

  4. this sounds like a fascinating place. I'm a Star Wars fan. one more reason to visit San Francisco

  5. What beautiful grounds, Kirsten! Thanks for the tour!

  6. Kirsten,
    Thank you for sharing...my boys were thrilled to see your pictures! I lived in Marin for many years, and went to a friends wedding at his home...one of the homes on the complex, I should say...quite spectacular! If I only knew then that I would have two little boys crazy about anything and everything Star Wars!
    San Francisco is so beautiful, isn't it...lucky you for two trips!

  7. Anita~ So glad you are scratching that creative itch! Thanks for coming by and for supporting me too. Ditto!

    Polly~ There are SO many reasons to visit SF. Add this one to the long list!

    annechovie~ So fun to share. Thanks for coming by!

    DolceDreams~ So glad to know your boys enjoyed the photos! When I told my niece and nephew they were on my blog, they didn't even wait to hang up the phone before they had the computer on, searching the internet. He announced they were now "Stars"! I feel very lucky for getting 2 trips this summer. Can't wait to go back again!

  8. Lovely photos...I really like them/Kerstin

  9. photokerstin~ Thank you and thanks as well for coming by! A happy weekend to you!

  10. How very, very cool. I know several young men who would get a kick out of this. Women, too, actually.


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