Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh La La! Book Challenge & Walks in Paris

Ok, Premiere things first!
Ms. Lucy over at Enchanted by Josephine
is starting her own book challenge!
runs from January 2010 to December 2010.
I'm getting in on this one!
Will let you know my first challenge choice when I decide what it will be!

And here in Paris, Epiphany is over (January 6th in France)
but the Galettes des Rois just keep on selling!

The Poilane boulangerie just down the street from us
has it's usual lovely display of goodies.
Oh la la, les Brioches!

Those Galettes make me crazy with their almond filling and fluffy crust.
I had my first taste (this visit) last night at my niece's singing recital.
(She was pitch perfect, by the way!)
Speaking of Epiphanies, a friend told us the other day over lunch
that while having her very first raw oyster, she had one. Epiphany, that is.
She asked if I'd experienced that with oysters.

I love them cooked on the half shell in the BarB,
then smothered with garlic butter, horseradish and spicy creole herbs.
Says she: 'You mean so you don't taste them?'

At our house, The Ed is the designated chef. Don't get me wrong, I can hold my own.
I just don't excel. And I don't tend to love it. He loves it!
The other day after shopping at our Grenelle outdoor marche,
I came into our tiny kitchen to find that
the chef had done his best to be creative with the space issue.

I must say, Paris makes me want to learn.
And learn to Love it!
One thing about the French,
the packaging is nearly as important as the dish.
And it's the same with gifts.
I learned that many years ago when we began our sojourns to France.
Always when one is invited to another's house, whether it be for dinner or for the weekend,
a gift is in order. And the gift must be
beautifully wrapped!

From the looks of these creatively packaged meats,

I'm thinking I could very well be a
fabulous cook here!
I'll let you know!


  1. Thanks so much for joining my challenge!!! I'm soo happy you're on board:)

    And what's up with this kind of post??? Are you trying to make me salivate to death?? I am out of my mind with cravings- so glad I'm not pregnant!

    Bonne semaine, ma belle:)

  2. Your photos are divine. Beautifully wrapped gifts and meats indeed!

  3. Lucy~ I'm so happy to BE on board! Can't wait to find out what my first read will be. It will be revealed!

    Ingrid~ Thank you for coming and for the comment. Most appreciated!

  4. Kirsten dearest,
    Holy cow, you are now in Paris....let me see. I have some other pals who are living there; have you been living there, or are you just visiting? YOU ARE LUCKY! I LOVE THOSE GALETTES! The crust is superb. Magical, flaky, delicate and buttery, but not too much. Only LES FRANÇAIS!! Oh dear, if you are living there, please, please take some photos of Ladurée? Thank you Kirsten for coming to visit are so kind! And happy days in Paris! Bisous, Anita

  5. Bonjour Anita~ Thanks for stopping in. I used to live here in Paris part time. Now, with the recession, we can only come about once a year. This is our yearly trek. I will try to make it to Laduree for you.
    Bisous a vous!

  6. Amazing! No one knows how to create beauty quite like the French do. Have a great day!

  7. Anne,
    I know what you mean! And a great day to you as well!

  8. YUm! Have a terrific wknd., Kirsten! xx

  9. Hey, you. I'm waiting for your wonderful poetry idea. I really would love to hear about it. Share, won't you?

  10. Hi Relyn~ A little late responding but am finally back. I will do a post on the poetry exercise soon. Am missing your blog. Must get over soon. Thanks for stopping in.


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