Monday, December 20, 2010

'That' Time Again in Paris~ Missing Paris Day

I love that time in Paris when all the boulangerie windows
are stacked with the wickedly delicious,
almond-paste filled
Galette des Rois.

Means it's Christmas
as well as marking Epiphany
on January 6th.

I think they are made to be so delicious,
all filled with their decadent frangipane,
so that when you take a bite
an epiphany reminds you, 
 how good life is!

Happy Christmas Week!  
Epiphanies to all!


  1. ONLY THE FRENCH can make a boulangerie into a FORT KNOX....a place where GOLD REIGNS and treasures lure even the most staunch dieter!!! YES, YES, YES!!! How are ya dearest? Come on over for some silliness later if you get a chance....Anita

  2. Happy, happy holidays to you, too.


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