Monday, February 28, 2011

Fireworks in Paris~ Missing Paris Day

Happy Day-After-The-Oscars! 
A whole new list of movies to see
(for me in the foreign and documentary categories).
And in a few more months, 
we'll see what the French have to say in Cannes. 
Bon Semaine!


  1. Oh, I lost my comment! I am having computer problems...Anita

  2. I love foreign films with subtitles too. Going to Paris for 10 days starting next week. Wish I had been following your blog for longer so I'd know where all to go.

  3. Wouldn't it be fun to go to Cannes?? Would love that. We stayed near there on the way to Nice. Love the area.
    Missing Paris too. Sigh.
    I call it Paris Spring Fever.

  4. Oh, JEEZ! That's an incredible picture.


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