Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Honor of Japan...

(All Photographs Copyright:Octavia Hunter)

A few photos today 
either from or inspired by

As we all wait and watch
to see how this tragic story unfolds,
please pray~
for them...
for us...
for our environment...
for our future.



  1. Oh yes, YES! When I think now of the RADIATION, it will definitely affect the Japanese, even if they STAY INSIDE, and one cannot be so naive to think that this will not affect our oceans and wildlife....and US. This is a disaster that can only be dealt with through prayer and courage and hope.....Anita

  2. Thank you for this reminder, Kirsten. My heart and prayers go out to these poor people. xx

  3. It's beyond comprehension. More prayers are needed...every day it seems to be getting worse. Thanks for posting these lovely, gentle photos, Kirsten.
    Catherine xx

  4. Thank you, Kirsten. The fragility and strength of the photos so perfectly reflect Japan and what the people are going through. Michi, my dance teacher arrived at class this morning all smiles and enthusiasm even though she doesn't know where a few of her family and friends are. I danced in honor of those gone and those who survived.

  5. I hear you...let's hope some higher powers do too.

  6. I just keep praying. Always, all day long in the back of my mind, praying.


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