Monday, March 28, 2011

Velos in Paris~ Missing Paris Day

While I have yet to brave riding the velos for rent in Paris, 
with spring now officially here,
it seems the perfect time.

I'd bike on down to the Eiffel Tower 
to watch the lovers and children 
laying~ and playing~ in the grass.

...Ride down to one of my favorite boulangeries
(with the gorgeous old painted windows from days gone by)
to pick up one of those evil,
full-gluten, white-flour baguettes
to nibble while on the move,
just like The French!

I'd pick up a colorful bouquet of flowers
to attach to my purple, handlebar basket...

Then meander along the Seine,
taking in the cranky bouquinistes
and their artsy used and antiquarian books, 
posters and postcards,
buying a few to send by post.

I'd park outside one of the long-standing cathedrals,
wander in silence and meditate on the smell of ancient dust 
and ghosts of historical significance. 

By now, it's surely time for a decadent patisserie~
or maybe a crepe with fresh butter and jam.
Licking sticky fingers, I'd make my way down to 
the Hotel de Ville for the latest free photography exhibit... 

...Park myself at my favorite cafe 
for a few hours of writing
while sipping a bubbly Kir Royal...
...then meet The Chef at a museum
to glimpse a few painting snapshots of old Paris
before dinner at our favorite, tiny bistro 
in one of the island's oldest recorded spots in Paris.

We'd drop off the bicyclette at the nearest velo a louer location
and metro home in time to see the tower glitter from the bridge.
Ahh, spring in Paris.

What does your favorite day in Paris look like?! 

(Photograph copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Oh Kirsten dearest, you got me thinking about those FULL-GLUTEN, WHITE BREAD BAQUETTES that can only send you dreaming as such. WHOLE WHEAT and no-gluten is NOT FRENCH! Let it BE!!! Oh, you always take me to my favorite city...merci. Anita

  2. Ahhhh mon amie your day sounds just too perfect for me, I will come along with you! And to answer your question, no, I never went to the revolving spot in SF...a shame it is closed to the "general public"! I am missing it very much, and need to head back this summer
    Have a great week,

  3. Ahhh have described a day in Paris with great accuracy. I would certainly do some form of the very same. Through your writing I felt as though I was following along. I first went in May and the maronniers were in full bloom...the streets were heady with perfume. I can hardly wait to go back but have no idea when that will be. So many other places I must make sure I visit. Time ticks on.

    As to where I find my time, Kirsten - All of my time is spent on art. It's really all I do. The boxes that I'm posting are over 20 years old (most). I do hope you didn't think I'm churning them out every week...ha ha! Each one takes me months of planning, building,
    painting etc.
    I'm very fortunate and greatful that I have a life that allows me the time to pursue my art. I would be a real misfit in the business world!
    Have a wonderful week, my friend -
    Catherine xx

  4. MERCI À TOI POUR TES MOTS D'AMITIÉ, Kirsten! BOn mercredi! Anita

  5. As usual, you are painting a picture that makes me miss Paris terribly! Have a great week, Kirsten. xo


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