Monday, March 7, 2011

Walks in Paris~ Missing Paris Day

Just a 'plain' corner in our neighboring 7th Arrondissement.
One of the things I love about Paris
is how even a simple, residential corner
can be so visually, delightfully stunning. 

Paris is one of those mysterious, magical places
that makes me feel the need,
on a moment-by-moment basis,
to check my spinning totem. 

Have you checked yours today?!


  1. Yes, yes. Every corner in Paris is magic. We can build our own magical corners wherever we go...even in our minds. Oui? Just as you are doing in the 'Venice' in your mind. Sounds wonderful.
    Have a good week, merci!

  2. Dearest Kirsten! I missed this post yesterday, but what a delight it is to find this little corner, quiet, yet bellowing out decades and even centuries of history, love and such beauty. WHAT A GREAT PHOTO! You put me in a state of MISSING PARIS....thanks for your visit dearest! Anita

  3. Imagine that being plain. Oh my!


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