Monday, October 1, 2018

Novel Setting & Deep Breathing

It's been a rough week here in the US
with the hearings (don't even want to say his name) for the Supreme Court nominee,
 feelings of frustration and betrayal along party lines, fear and anxiety among women,
the list goes on and on. Emotions are high. Women are trying to stand together
and at the same time, I'm seeing some very reactive behavior. 
Me included. 

Anybody else wake up in the mornings with just a tad bit of anxiety?! 
Maybe even more than usual?!
Sometimes I wake with the feeling that I just can't do what's expected on this planet. 
And I don't have what you would call a high stress life,
especially after my injury put me out of work. 
But the feeling is still there, like I'm not meant for this place and have no idea
how to navigate what must be waded through.  
It feels like it's sometimes too much for my brain to comprehend. 

Luckily, it's my writing day
so I'm retreating into my novel
where many of those above feelings are still located 
but my job is only to help my characters navigate
and try to make the language work as smoothly as I can. 

The photo above is the Prior's Table Restaurant 
(within a 12th century Cistercian abbey in the French countryside 
called Abbaye des Vaux de Cerney) 
where my love interests meet and set up their first date. 
I'm in my final read through before sending out 
to my last round of readers. 

Wishing you a good week
and hoping whatever you are navigating 
is nothing but smooth sailing. 
Be sure to take deep breaths and 
hold someone's hand if needed! 
I'm here if you need me. 

For more photos and info on the Abbaye, 
Click Here

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. trying to comment

    1. Hey Girl, I can't comment on anyone's blogs so I am experimenting. I've tried everything and this is the first time it has let me by posting anonymously. Hoping all is well. I'd sure like to eat at the Abbey. So gorgeous. Donna

    2. Hi Donna, Thanks for being here! Hope your comment issue gets resolved. Glad it let you do so here. The whole abbaye is gorgeous! If you haven't already, check out the linked post for more pictures. Will write soon. Miss you!

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  3. Doesn't sound like things are awesome but I sure agree why. I actually had a physical anxiety attack over the weekend which scared the heck out of me. I think it's about our trip, though I thought I was fine! In 48 hours, I will be in Paris! And think of blog friends like you who love it.

    1. Oh Jeanie, I do hope you are enjoying your time in Paris! I can't wait to read about it on your blog. In fact, might have to pop over and see if there's a sneak preview yet! A bientot!

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