Sunday, January 6, 2019

Bonne Année and Happy Epiphany!

(Gallette Des Rois: my beloved almond paste/frangipani cake from Paris, a tradition for Epiphany.
See past post about this tradition.

January 6th, Epiphany
(the day the three Kings came bearing gifts) 
tends to be my real New Year beginning. 

Usually I'm not quite ready when January 1st hits.
Maybe we're traveling (like this year when we are just back from France 
so... jetlagged),
 or I've come down with an illness, or there's too much on my plate at the moment
or I'm still reeling from the holidays
but by Epiphany (also one of my favorite words)
I'm ready to start making my goals for the year
(my preference to NY's resolutions.) 

And this year,
 (especially because this weekend included a New Moon 
so I would be doing this anyway)
 I'm following in the footsteps of a few others who have created a list 
of the things they would like more of in their life.
So here is mine.
It may include more or less (so probably change) by the next new moon:

more love... around me and in the world. more travel. more forest bathing. more writing.
less hearing other people's gossip. 
more angels. more healing... all around. more energy information. 
more family. more entertaining. more light. 
more divinity in our lives. more epiphanies!
less complaining.
more hikes. more exercise. more reading things i love. 
less pain.
more trust in myself. more retreats... and the financial ease to do them. 
more dreams with messages. more writing. more travel for sacred purposes. 
*** more sacred ***
more massages (for me now). more caring less... and caring more. 
more meditation. more time! more tithing. more kisses. more writing.
more hugs (full-on, tight-squeeze, blast-your-fear-around-it body hugs).
more presence. more awakening. more beauty. more honesty. 
more clarity. more gratitude. more sunsets. more compassion.
more F words: fucking fearless, fabulous, fun, fantastic, friends, 
fauna, fire, favorite films,
furry felines,
(none of those bald scary-looking creatures... tho I'm sure they need love too...
or squashed-faced nasty attitude felines like our neighbor George 
who is as old as time and has no claws but still somehow terrorizes our cats).
 more publishing. more writing. 
Did I mention more writing?

Feel free to mention some of the things on your More List for this year! 
And Bonne Année to you and yours! 

(Pics of Paris coming up in next posts!)

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Your list is beautiful; the joy and spirit and love it expresses jump off the page and into my heart. Me? I want more peace, my organization, more books, more travel, more lake-time, more sweet Lizzie purrs, more art and painting time, more lunches/movies/gatherings with friends and more posts by Kirsten!

    1. Awww... love your list too! And I loved the way you described that the joy, spirit and love jumped right into your heart! <3

  2. Kirsten, great lists and you must carry them around on your person. Wow! That is a great way to start the year. Get her done was my mantra. Finish the study, the art room and more exercise. I hope I can get those things done. Imagine going through plastic bins looking through dusty old papers from long ago. I found folders of Dell computer stuff and I can't even remember when I had a Dell. It is not 'fun' stuff, unlike your list. Yes to pics of Paris. May all our dreams come true this year!!!

  3. Hi Donna! (I'm assuming it's you) You have so many projects on your hands... as do I tho I'm not getting most of them done so good on you! I have a whole bunch of old boxes of my grandparent's stuff and my mother's stuff to go through and figure out what to do with. Old love letters from my grandparents to each other during the war. My sister scanned them and put them all online so they wouldn't take up space but still, how do you throw away those letters?! So much stuff to go through! Love to you!


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