Monday, January 21, 2019

Eiffel Tower from the Seine

Walking along the Pont de Bir Hakeim (bridge) in Paris 
on the blog today to give you an idea of the neighborhood. 
More night photos!

At not quite the middle of the bridge stands this statue
which I only realized recently was a likeness of Joan of Arc. 
I have a whole new respect! 

The bridge itself runs across the Seine
 from the 15th arrondissement to the 16th,
from the Bir Hakeim metro stop to Passy on the 6 line
which runs over the top of the bridge. 

The statue sits on a small pullout from the bridge
where people often gather to stare at the Eiffel Tower 
and often sip something of their choice
(as evidenced by the empty bottles we frequently find left behind). 

We have on occasion brought guests here
with a bottle of bubbly and glasses
to watch the tower sparkle
as we sparkle. 
(We take our bottle with us!)

From here you can walk along the Seine and the boats
all with a view of the tower. 

I love these boats which are often rented
but I especially love them in the summertime
when people sit out on the decks
in the warm evenings
 sipping wine and eating
while they talk softly and enjoy the view. 

The Pont d'Iena (next bridge over) connects the Eiffel Tower to the Trocadero. 
In the early 1800's, Napoleon wanted a bridge to overlook his Ecole Militaire
(Military School and his offices) located on the other end of the Champ de Mars. 
So from 1808-1814, he had this bridge built and named after
one of his battle victories: The battle of Jena
(apparently the American spelling).

The stairs from the bridge to the river 
are called the Renault Stairs
where James Bond (Roger Moore)
drove a Renault 11 down the stairs in pursuit of an assassin
in the film A View to a Kill.

Christmas in full form 
on the river below the tower. 

I loved the colors here against the fog. 

And the tower doing its sparkly thing.

Hope you've enjoyed this little walk
along a small part of the Seine in Paris. 
Back next time with more of Paris!

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen
Please do not reproduce
Bridge info via: Wiki)


  1. Biggest sigh! It's just lovely! And I love Santa taking a break. Don't you love that you can take your champagne bottle with you and no one cares?!

    1. Jeanie, We have a special bag in the armoire just for carrying our champagne bottle and glasses! I do love the Champ de Mars in the summertime when everyone is picnicking and sipping wine, wine bottles in plain sight. You should see the garbage cans there on New Year's Day!

  2. You've captured how beautiful the Eiffel Tower is at night. I fell down those stairs the first time in Paris. It must have been so beautiful at Christmas. Donna@gather

    1. Oh Donna, I'm so sorry to hear that. I will never be able to walk these stairs now without thinking of you falling down them. But on the other hand, I will be thinking of you! Xoxo

  3. Oh, I'm Paris sick. The photos remind me of when we went and stayed in the area in 2015-16. Thanks for those beautiful shots! Wow. I love Paris no matter what the weather. The fog adds a romantic feel.

    1. I remember, Val! You sent me a photo from this very spot. It was even raining that night but we didn't care!

  4. What a delightful memory of a wonderful place. I love Paris and your photos make my heart dance!

    1. Sandy,
      So glad you are here! And I love making your heart dance. Miss you!


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